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Dieting Tips to Retrain Your Appetite to Make Healthy Choices. Lose weight without extreme dieting and sacrificing taste

Dedicate yourself to a higher quality of eating!


10 Tips For Holiday Eating & Dieting vs Healthy Eating


  • HOLIDAY EATING:  Most of us love the holidays, especially the food. We usually eat delicious and rich holiday food such as, Fudge, candy, cookies, cakes and pies also, we drink sugary beverages. We also eat high calorie and high carbohydrate food. Ouch! Be kind to your heart and protect  your arteries. Usually after the holidays we are left with an additional five or more pounds added to our weight. However, we can eat and enjoy our food without overeating and pigging out. Here are a few tips for holiday eating: 

(1). Lose the sugary beverages and drink only fresh water, Lemon Water and unsweetened teas. Don’t drink your calories just eat them.

(2). Don't skip breakfast, eat a light breakfast and drink water and unsweetened tea or Green Tea with your meals. This will keep you full enough to avoid overeating later. 

(3). Use a measuring cup or a small ice cream scoop to serve your food, serve approximately 1/4 to 1/2 cup of food per serving.  Believe me, when you get a little of this and a little of that you will have plenty of food to eat on your plate.

(4). Avoid seconds, eat what is on your plate. Although a particular food on your plate could be good to your taste, seconds could be tempting but, don’t give in to it. However, if you eat and drink the food that is on your plate, you will not want anything else. 

(5). Eat your desserts  with your meal and continue drinking your water and unsweetened teas. 

(6). Do not get lazy after eating, get up and move around avoid sitting in one place and sleeping, move your body and stand as much as possible. 

(7). When you feel full stop eating, wrap up your food and eat it only if you feel hungry later, continue drinking your unsweetened teas and water.  Don't confuse hungry for thirsty.  Drink plenty of water to help remove salt and toxins. 

(8). All in all you should drink approximately five 16.9 ounces of bottle water within that day also, drink your teas and lemon water to keep you full and curve your appetite. 

(9). End all meals at least four or more hours before bedtime, if you get hungry continue your teas and Lemon Water and stop thinking about food, think about your next doctor’s report. 

(10). Do not take a carry out or dogie bag with you, let it go. Once the holiday feast ends let it end and resume eating clean. 

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and happy eating healthy.

  • DIETING: Many of us have heard that diets usually fail within the first seven days.  They are short termed, in particularly the Fad Diets and the Yo-Yo Diets.  These types of diets get you started and soon burn you out quickly.  Eventually, you will return to your old eating habits, resulting in another failed diet attempt.  Usually, any pounds loss on these types of diets will return to you very quickly and bring additional unwanted pounds to your weight.  Starting over is not an easy task, it takes discipline and a mind adjustment to retrain your eating appetite again.  This is why it is called the Yo-Yo diet,  you're up and down, one week you're dieting the next week you're not.  
  •  HEALTHY EATING:  Healthy eating requires staying consistent and making better food choices, unlike the on again off again diets.  Eating healthy will involve making permanent  changes and breaking old eating habits developed throughout the years. You'll want to eat as normal as possible, just refrain from eating certain types of foods. Don't be afraid to stop eating particular foods, your body will thank you later. It is also okay to say that you no longer eat certain foods any longer, this will help to hold you accountable and plant the NO, NO seed in your mind.  Eating healthy foods consist of eating whole foods, fruit, vegetable, lean baked, grilled or broiled, small quantities  of  meats and most importantly drinking plenty of water daily.  Eating and drinking healthy is a lifestyle change opposed to a temporary fix like the Fad and Yo-Yo diets.

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Mind Control and Portion Control


Like computers our minds are programmable, we can make simple changes and break bad habits by  reprogramming our minds.   It is all about retraining your appetite to make healthy food choices without extreme dieting.  By making simple changes we will show you how to lose weight without stressing.  We should practice taking authority over our plates. Many times we eat by what we see, my mother called it eating by "eye sight". Imagine seeing a commercial that is advertising ice cream.  You may not want any ice cream until you see it.  The flesh is powerful and it wants to control you.  However,  you have been given the authority over your flesh, the power is within you, you got to take it by force and really enforce "Mind Control".  Let's be realistic, you may not be satisfied until you get your ice cream.  So, get one scoop, not two scoops of ice cream and enjoy it.  Remember portion control is key to you having some of what you want.  Don't let that one cheat cause you to continue cheating.  Get up and try it again without feeling guilty, it happens.  Take it one day at a time and practice, practice, practice using tips from this site. 

Discover the "YOU" inside of you!  What is most important to you? Let's brain storm and make a vision board. Title it, My Weight Loss Journey:  Post your 5w1h method, the five W's are WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and WHY, the one H is HOW.  Write each one out and post it on your vision board with pictures of how you would like to look, this will be your model story leading to your weight loss journey and testimony.  This will help  you stay committed to your cause.  Your board will visually serve as a  reminder of what you got to do and how you're going to do it.  If you can be negatively influenced by what you see, you can also be positively influenced by what you see.  Since we're visual people, post your board on your refrigerator and weigh every Wednesday.  We call it "Weigh in Wednesdays".  Keep a weekly log of your progress.  How much does being healthy means to you?   It is not an easy task and it will take you sacrificing and making changes to reach your goals.  Your 5w1h methods are very important to you getting every ounce of life out of your living.  

Did you know that most illnesses are preventable and most illnesses start as a result of our poor eating habits and/or our unwillingness to change to do better? In most circumstances, we would rather choose unhealthy eating over healthy living.  One primary causes of death is the results of obesity. Obesity can lead to all sort of illnesses, including heart diseases, strokes, diabetes and so many other problems.   It is very important to have regulated bowel movement or use a regular cleanse to support your digestive system.  Before starting any program, I suggest talking to your doctor and doing a detox cleanse  or a colon cleanse to give you a fresh belly start. A good cleanse can possible help you reach your weight loss goals sooner. Tea is another good source, they help curve your appetite and help burn fat.  Keeping your system cleaned will help you feel energized, prompting you to get more physical activity. Lose weight without extreme dieting and sacrificing taste.  Dedicate yourself to a higher quality of eating.

Make it Challenging and Move Your Body


I've heard that losing weight is 80% of what we eat and 20% of physical activity.  However, the 20% of exercising is critical to our minds, muscles and overall physical health.  Exercising helps to increase our heart rate, blood circulation and oxygen flow which helps with increased energy which are vital to our whole body.  I have also noticed that when I'm working out, I eat less and I'm less hungry but, more thirsty for water.  My cravens change to wanting healthy foods opposed to eating junk foods. Just 20 minutes a day of increased constant movement can help rejuvenate your body and mind.   You will feel better and look better, just by getting regular body movement. Some of the newest ways of getting fit,  enjoying it and making it fun are Line Dancing, Zumba Dancing  and  Kickboxing Classes.  Whatever your fitness program consist of, enjoy what you're doing and make it fun.  We can lose weight naturally and keep it off one day at a time and one pound at a time. We did not put the pounds on all at once and we cannot take them off all at once. 

Don't let one day, one weekend or one holiday stop you from continuing your program.  Sometimes we fall down but, get up and remember your 5w1h methods.  If we fall off the wagon get up and continue the ride.  Even if it takes years to accomplish our goals don't quit because, we're making it a lifestyle change. Be patient and continue doing the right things by eating the right foods to reset your metabolism . Don't become a slave to your stomach being lead by food.  You have not fail on your diet, your diet has been failing you.   Set small goals and practice fasting from particular foods for a season.  The more you do this the more you will discover that you really can live without them.   I've often heard that it takes 21 days to break a habit.  Set small goals like no fast foods, junk foods, sweets, breads or sodas for 21 days.  Get your family and friends on board with you and ask them to hold you accountable to staying on your program and trust me they will.  Learn how to fuel your body with foods that fight for you and not foods that fight against you.   

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